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"Many thanks for our new very special backyard! Our neighbors refer to it as our secret garden,..." read more
-Ellen & Stephen

"Thank you for coming over to our campus and making it look so good. You have made a huge difference in the way that we look and have touched the lives of many including mine...." read more
-St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

"We want to thank you for your hard work, creative and skillful design and thoughtful execution.  Clearly worth the wait,..." read more
-Carrie & Rich

"Annie - Thank you again (and again!) for your (+ Barrie's) beautiful vision, the hard work of your men and the delight, peace and lovely enjoyment I will now have in my yard!”
-All the very best, Maria

"Thank you so much for all your help preparing our yard for the wedding this past Sunday. You guys did an especially fantastic job after the storm when the pressure was really on! As usual, no details went unnoticed..." read more
-Thanks again, Beth and Gabe

"Our back corner looks amazing!!! The wall is beautiful, and adds a new dimension that was desperately truly are a visionary. :-) Everything else looks fantastic too - I love the new shape of the front garden beds, your team did a great job as always."

"Dear Annie, Thank you so much for your call last night! You may pooh-pooh it, but you really are one of my heroines! As you said, I do have my eccentricities, but you transformed me from someone who was a little terrified of my yard, to one who daily meditates on its simple and distinct beauty, and that is a very welcome accomplishment. I am especially grateful for your personal touch, outspokenness, and artist's vision and I respect your worldview and passion for the earth. So, I was delighted to hear your kind words about me! Thank you again for everything."
-All the best, Maria

"Dear Annie/Breath of Spring - The side of the house was great throughout our recent day of rain. No visible flooding and things held up very well. Thank you for the drainage lessons."

"Annie, I walked out on my new patio this morning in my slippers and I love it! Now that I am starting to settle in and relax from the construction and move (4 days’ worth!) I have JOY at what my yard is looking like. Very exciting."
-Thank you for doing a wonderful job, Kathleen

"Dear Anne, Thank you so much for a great job your crew did cleaning up the church grounds. The place looks terrific! I know that you spent lot's of hours making it all happen and I just want you to know that I am very grateful for your commitment and love for St. John's Church. You have changed the face of our campus in so many ways and have improved our look so that we are more inviting. Thanks so much."
  Marvin E. Henk
  St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
  Fenimore Rd at Cortlandt Ave
  Mamaroneck, NY 10543