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Breath of Spring is a landscape, design and installation business. Ann and her crew of 12 excel at site development. They have built stone walls in the toughest of places and produced usable yards on top of rock outcroppings. There is very little they have not seen and conquered. In fact, the company motto is “the tougher the terrain, the better”.

Behind any successful small business is an extraordinary person and Breath of Spring is no exception. The owner and designer, Ann Gaillard left a high-pressure Madison Avenue advertising position to start her business in 1984. Of every landscaping business opened within 8 years on either side of that date, Breath of Spring is the only one in operation today. The reason is simple: Ann has a proven ability to work with elements that are beyond her control, be it drought, downpour or difficult socio-economic times.

Ann’s crew has been with her for more than 25 years. They are loyal beyond modern standards and their work is impeccable. They are fast, strong and considerate of their environment. They work as a team, which makes landscaping done by Breath of Spring a unique and fantastic experience. When the job is complete, there is no trace that anything has been done – the landscaping looks as if it has always been there.

Ann is a talented, creative person. She and her team are experienced, professional and honest. Additionally, the Breath of Spring “touch” is soft on the environment. The company is a fully organic landscape company and always has been.

Our Services, Landscaping For Health:

• Landscape Analysis
• Wetland Analysis
• Soil Analysis, Wind & Weather Analysis
• Water & Wave Analysis
• Site Development
• Full Drainage Evaluation

• Wind and Sun Buffers
• Design, Installation, Blueprinting
• Hardscaping, Plant Installation, Dry Walls
• Custom Wet Stone Walls
• Organic Development
• Full Site Development
• Landscape Services
• Cutting Gardens
• Edible Gardens
• perennial Gardens
• Garden Pots