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Landscape Design & Care, Drainage, Plant Installation, Hardscape, Organics, Site Development
Located in Westchester County servicing the greater Westchester & Southern Connecticut Regions

Breath of Spring is a landscape, design and installation business. Ann and her crew excel at site development from challenging properties to blank 'canvases'. They have built stone walls in the toughest of places and produced usable yards on top of rock outcroppings. There is very little they have not seen and conquered. In fact, the company motto is “the tougher the terrain, the better”.... read more

Our Services:


• Landscape Analysis
• Design, Installation
• Blueprinting
• Soil Analysis, Wind & Water Analysis
• Drainage Evaluation
• Perennial Gardens

• Masonry - Walls, Walks, Patios
• Hardscaping, Plant Installation
• Dry "Vermont" Walls
• Wetland Analysis
• Wind and Sun Buffers
• Grading for usable space

• Cutting Gardens
• Complete Site Development
• Vegetable Gardens
• Organic Land & Plant Care
• Garden Pots

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Green Tips:
Plant Alert
- Major plant problems & extinctions... read more
Lets Talk Watering
- Information about proper watering... read more
Organic Lawns
- Growing grass organically... read more